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Four Seasons of Japan

There are Spring,Summer,Fall and winter in Japan.

Because of the location, there are Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Japan. Japanese culture is deeply related at these 4 seasons. Not only the beautiful sceneries, but also there are different traditional events in each season.

Period of each season

: middle of March - beginning of May
: middle of May - beginning of September
: middle of September - beginning of November
: middle of November - beginning of March


Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the New Year in Japan. Some people visit a Buddist temple on the first, second, or third day of the year. They pray for good health, peace, or their wishes in front of the shrine. For instance, the students who would enter the university pray for passing an entrance examination, some people wish their family's happiess, or unmarried people pray for their marriage. Many people can't help feeling the New Year without going to Hatsumode.

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